Monday, April 16, 2012

Switch Off one's Mobile Phone through SMS

I am very interested to inform you the TRICK OF MAGIC SMS ,through which you can switch off mobile phone.When you send this magic SMS to an another mobile phone they will normally read it as other massages.And when they try to open it or when they read it fully their phone will automatically turn off..[...]
Now Start the fun by reading my little post
Please read this with patience.
1) Take a multimedia phone ,It is must because these types of phones will never off with this SMS
2) Then Go to Menu >>> Message >>> Write new message
3) Type 51 commas(for some of the phones or phone OS versions you need to use 79 commas instead of 51) [ ' ] like below(These are inverted commas)
You can Add your own comment at the first of this Magical SMS like "I am going to off your phone" NOTE : THIS TRICK IS ONLY WORKABLE WITH NOKIA BLACK AND WHITE PHONES AND PHONES LIKE 1600 ...
dont worry other trick for your phone will come soon......